Electrical Repair and 12 Volt Wiring For Trucks - Connect Wires With Factory Precision
Our wire connection and repair kits will make you look like a wiring professional. Repair your cables and battery terminals to "factory new" condition. These kits of hard-to-find components are just what you need to splice, combine or restore any lighting or electrical wiring on your truck.

Keep your service trucks working with our complete line of Electrical Products. Portable power packs and jump start units make it easy for any operator to get a dead vehicle up and running, no matter how hard it is to get to. Truck mount generators are perfect for large jobs and our full line of power inverters allows workers to power regular 12-volt tools directly from the vehicle. A complete line of plugs, sockets, trailer light and wiring adapters makes it easy to repair or rewire and truck in minutes. If you don't see exactly what you need, or if you require special assistance, TRUCK REPAIR & COLLISION INC.

Electric repair